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What Is Spirulina Algae (Arthrospira Platensis)?
The algae are differentiated according to predominating coloration and are divided into blue-green, green, red, and brown. Chlorella is a type of green algae, and Spirulina a type of blue-green algae; they receive their color due to the presence of both chlorophyll (green) and phycocyanin (blue) pigments in its cellular structure.

In many countries, Spirulina is now recognized as an excellent food for commercial fish and other domestic animals. It is also used as a therapeutic food supplement in some human disease states. With Spirulina having been scientifically tested, research suggests that the blue-green algae not only provides an adequate amount of nutrition, but it also performs as an antioxidant, ridding the body of free radicals. Furthermore, it is purported that Spirulina is efficient when it comes to removing heavy metals like lead, cadmium, and mercury from the body.


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