Shipping & Return Policy


Operational Hours:

Monday - Friday
9:00 A.M. - 5:00 P.M.
Arizona Standard Time

Orders are processed and packaged as quickly as possible with majority of orders finalized within 24-hours excluding weekends. Our shipping department works hard to package each order with care providing paper filler material to prevent movement and rattling during transport.

While we achieve fast and quick processing time, orders that contain low quantity/stock items, large bulk packaging items, or shipping address errors may have longer processing and Ship times. In these rare cases, your order can be delayed and additional ship/delivery information can be provided upon request.

We only offer a 30-day return window for all orders, please contact us as soon as possible to start your claim process.

Orders containing bulk category items:

5 Kilogram (11 Lbs.) or greater items may have a lead time due to these orders being made upon order request and may incur 3-4 business days for additional production. We will work as fast as possible to complete these items and have them ready for shipment within 3-4 business days, but large orders containing multiple 5 Kilogram (11 Lbs.) items can take the full estimated time of production or longer. We request you understand that delays are possible when ordering items of this quantity. If you have further questions for your order or future order, please contact us.

Shipping Methods

Items ship as they become available. Once items have left our warehouse, the shipping method chosen will determine the ship time. We currently support our multiple shipping options and free shipping across the entire United States and Provinces included. As well as International shipping options, please read below for more details.

US Shipping Options:

Free Shipping - Carrier is determined by Weight and Size of order
Standard Shipping - Delivers in 2-5 business days*
USPS Priority 2-3 DayDelivers in 2-3 business days*
FedEx One Rate 2-DayDelivers in 2 business days*

Bulk Shipping:
USPS Priority Mail - Delivers in 2-3 business days*
FedEx Ground/Home Delivery - Delivers in 2-5 business days*

*Estimated Ship times provided from carriers based on distance from shipper
Subject to delays caused by weather, accidents, and other unforeseen causes.

Shipping Costs:


  • $5.49 Standard shipping for U.S. customers only on retail products and accessories.
  • Free Shipping on orders over $39 for U.S. customers only on retail products and accessories.
  • Optional Shipping Rates via USPS Priority & FedEx 2-Day One Rate are available.
  • All bulk category items between 3.18KG to 25KG are calculated shipping cost via USPS Priority Mail & FedEx Ground/Home Delivery.

International Orders & Shipping


  • International purchasers will have their shipping rates calculated via available carriers
  • Bulk category items are NOT shippable outside the U.S.


  • Australia
  • Austria
  • Belgium
  • Bulgaria
  • Canada
  • Croatia
  • Cyprus
  • Czechia
  • Denmark
  • Estonia
  • Finland
  • France
  • Germany
  • Greece
  • Hungary
  • Ireland
  • Italy
  • Latvia
  • Lithuania
  • Luxembourg
  • Malta
  • Netherlands
  • New Zealand
  • Norway
  • Poland
  • Portugal
  • Romania
  • Slovakia
  • Slovenia
  • Spain
  • Sweden
  • Switzerland
  • UK


We are only supporting the listed countries above, if you have further questions on other location availability please contact us.

Shipping Method:

  • DHL Express
  • USPS First-Class & Priority Mail International

Shipping speeds and rates can vary depending on package size and distance from our facility. Estimated ship times may vary and does not include customs clearance time frames which can vary even further on a per country basis. Local post in your country may have additional delivery time frames and may require more time for delivery to complete once it clears customs. Please be aware of customs, duties, or taxes that may be due upon delivery, read further below for additional information. We are not responsible for customs delays or clearance issues. If you have questions regarding the shipping option used, please contact customer support so we can help you.

Warning: We've researched import regulations for items into your country to ensure smooth transactions, however, you are responsible for ensuring any items purchased are permissible and allowed for import. Any items held, seized, destroyed, or confiscated by customs is out of our control. We request you check with your local regulations to ensure easy passage of purchased goods.

Customs, Duties, & Taxes for International Orders

All customs, taxes, or duties associated with importing the item into your country are your responsibility. We will classify item to the best of our ability to ensure speedy transit through the customs process, however, customs, duties, and taxes are calculated upon entry and our shipping services do not include these potential additional charges. Please be aware that you may be contacted by a local official for information or verification of personal customer goods that are being imported. They may require your information or additional product information. We can provide necessary documentation if requested, please contact us for assistance in the importing process.


Order Acknowledgement and Shipment Notification

You will receive e-mail and order updates via the store for completion of order placement, processing, and shipping. Tracking numbers can be provided upon request and may take up to 24-hours for status updates to change.

Possible Checkout Errors or Shipping Errors

  • Invalid Credit Card Expiration Dates or Typo on Credit Card number. Please double check all entered numbers.
  • Mismatch Billing Address information can cause errors during checkout process. Anti-fraud protection requires matching addresses or billing addresses.
  • We recommend creating an account with our store allowing for easy access to order information, order history, and address book information.


Please use proper shipping address formatting

Format Layout:
Full Name

Address Line 1
Address Line 2
City, State Zipcode

John Smith
568 S. Parkway Street
(Leave Address Line 2 blank if not needed)
Phoenix, AZ 85888

John Smith

Isle Apartments
2565 W. Hard Street, Apt. 256
Phoenix, AZ 85888

Multi-building location:
John Smith

University of Rhino, Building E
142 N. Hard Drive
Phoenix, AZ 85888


Refunds & Replacements

We offer a 30-day return window for all orders, please contact us as soon as possible to start your claim process. Every item is insured for its individual value in the order. Each order and item is subject to our own discretion for eligibility for Replacement or Refund. We will strive to provide reasonable accommodations for each individual case and resolve the matter. Returns that occur after the 30-day return window are subject to limitations such as buyer must provide/ship return items at their expense and/or any shipping rates paid for the original order may not be eligible for refund.

Replacement Policy

Replacements can be provided for damaged items upon proof of damage.

Replacements are provided for unopened bags or wrong item orders.

Refund Policy

We offer a 30-day return window, please contact us as soon as possible to start your claim process.

Package Missing or Lost:

  • Missing or lost packages must be claimed with the corresponding carrier.
  • The local carrier in your state may provide additional information about the whereabouts of the package.
  • Packages deemed lost/missing with provided proof of claim are eligible for refund or replacement of items.

“Bad Taste” or “Bad Odor”

We do not accept refunds based on the basis of “bad taste”, “bad odor”, or other unique flavor that are considered unpalatable. These powders are not flavored and thus resulting in natural state taste and flavor. Products that contain algae and/or sulfur based ingredients can have a strong taste and smell. However, concerns of safety and usage are eligible for future investigation. Please contact our customer support for more help and assistance.

Unopened/Opened Bags

Unopened bag returns are eligible for Full Item Refunds and fulfilled once package is inspected and deemed acceptable.

Opened bag returns will be subject to individual case by case investigation and outcome. 50% Partial Item Refund for opened item returns. 

PLEASE NOTE: It is our policy to destroy all returns, even "sealed" products. Therefore, policy rules and exceptions are subject to changes and may be judged on individual case by case basis.

Disclaimer: This information is correct to the best of our knowledge and may not cover every possible situation and scenario. Be sure to contact our customer support for any issues or concerns that may have not been covered.