Why Our Protein is the Best

If you were to walk through our whey protein blending and production area, the first thing you notice would be the sweet notes of fresh whey. This is not because we added an essence. Quite the contrary. What you would be smelling is purity and freshness. Freshness that starts at organic dairy farms in America's heartland and comes directly to our factory. 

What is whey protein?
There are two major proteins found in milk, casein (about 40%) and whey (about 60%). Whey protein is a by-product of cheese-making and starts in liquid form as raw whey. Raw whey is composed of naturally occurring macronutrients – protein, fat, minerals, lactose and water.  Raw whey also contains micronutrients that are biologically active – alpha lactalbumin, beta lactalbumin, lactoferrin, glycomacropeptides, igG and peptoaminoacids.

Raw whey is not very useful as a food. As a matter of fact, not so many years ago, dairy farmers would consider it a by-product of cheese making and throw it away. Today, it is so valuable that in order to guarantee supplies, manufacturers like us have to commit to forward contracts months in advance.

How is raw whey processed into whey protein?
There are two main methods used to make whey protein: membrane filtration and ion exchange. Ion exchange is a chemical method that utilizes pH adjustment in order to achieve protein separation. Raw whey is sent through a reactive column that has an affinity for protein. The protein is collected  in this reactive column and all the other macronutrients are allowed to pass through. In the next step, chemical reagents sodium hydroxide and hydrochloric acid are introduced to release the protein. Yes, you read that correctly. In an ion exchange protein separation, what started out as wonderful product of nature is bathed with industrial chemicals. An even greater irony is that the final product is often labeled "organic", and/or "non-GMO".

Why do companies use ion exchange?
The short answer is because it is CHEAP. You see, ion exchange yields a very high protein ingredient – 90-96%, with no fat or carbs (lactose). The downside is that the process dramatically adjusts pH which denatures the protein. When the protein is broken down like this, its biological activity and those of its micronutrients are dramatically reduced. Antioxidants, essential amino acids, protein digestion, calcium absorption and immune support are also reduced or eliminated.

Ion exchange protein tastes processed. It is salty with sometimes a chemical aftertaste. See for yourself. Try a popular brand with all the advertising. The kind you find in big box stores. When you read the labels, you will probably soon come across words you never heard of. Good idea to save the receipt.

Why is membrane filtration a better alternative?
Membrane filtration (also sometimes called "Cold Filtration") is a cold temperature processing method that allows for the production of a high protein finished whey where the protein remains intact (undenatured). Cold filtered whey is never treated with chemicals. This process uses a filter with different pore sizes which allows carbohydrates and minerals in raw whey to pass through while retaining the whey protein. Iion exchange changes the protein profile and selectively takes .away the more beneficial bioactives like alphalactalbumin and other components, which are the most valuable components of whey and have functions like stress relieving, faster recovery and immune development. Membrane filtration does not change the profile of naturally occurring whey proteins.

Membrane filtration is an old technology. It has been around for a very long time and is similar to a home water filter. Membrane filtration results in a high protein product with a small amount of naturally occurring fat, lactose and minerals. The micronutrients stay biologically active and the whey tastes as it should, clean with pleasant, native dairy notes.

Why should you buy Muscle Empire Whey Proteins?
To begin with, you are dedicated and you train hard. Secondly, the thought of consuming something exposed to industrial chemicals probably sounds like a bad idea.  Our whey proteins are a great value. We can pay more for better whey and still sell for less because our costs are low. We don't spend much on advertising. We don't pay a contract manufacturer to make our products because we are the manufacturer. Finally our whey proteins taste great. They really do. Flavored or unflavored. Mixed with water, milk or your favorite juice. You can't go wrong. Also check out our line of supplement flavors. These are the same formulas we use in our proteins and select powders. You can use them for any supplement, from any manufacturer. Sugar free.

Hard Rhino Whey proteins are why you buy whey protein. We have the highest quality*, best tasting, unflavored and flavored, easiest mixing and best priced product.

*In our business the phrase "highest quality" is used too often without any substance. One of our bedrock principles is to never deviate from the highest possible standards in everything we offer. We do not sell on price alone and we are not for everyone. Thank you for reading.